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With over 40 years of combined experience providing reliable alert signals and advanced & educational trading tools,
you are ensured a high quality and informative service.

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updates Live market updates

Receive live market updates to your mobile device or trading platform giving you detailed information on a current market opportunity, such as:

  • Trade direction
  • Trade execution time
  • Trade duration

What is Index Trading all about?

Indec trading is also known as intra-day trading or Contract For Difference Trading. A stock market index is based on a statistical accumulation of the share prices of a country's top performing stocks. You never trade on an individual share or stock, you trade on a country's index, which is the consolidation of their stocks.

When trading indices, you take a position on the overall direction that a particular stock market index will move. Markets And You analyse 18 well-known European & Australasian market indices. These stock market indices are typically comprised of large companies listed on the nation's largest stock exchanges.

Benefits of Index Trading vs Trading Individual Stocks

  • Ability to generate instant returns in your personal trading account
  • Index trading is the most affordable way to enter the market with limited trading knowledge
  • Allows you to profit from an entire country's stock market movement no matter if it RISES or FALLS
  • When using the Markets And You online trading platform you can generate between 80% - 96% profit from any one trade
  • If you place a trade for $100 you can potentially receive a return of $180-$196, which equates to a profit of $80-$96
  • By systematically following analytical research based on a specific time frame and market direction, your success rates skyrocket
  • Our index trade alerts are delivered directly to your device/s, allowing you to have full control and security over your trading account
  • Allows you the freedom to trade anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet
  • Allows you to place a short term trade from 10 seconds to 365 days and from as little as $1 up to $10,000
  • Winnings can be potentially tax free. You may need to speak to your tax advisor

Why become a member of Markets And You?

Markets And You originated in Germany, the leading financial capital of Europe. Our firm is one of the biggest suppliers of trading signals for binary index markets in the world. In today's economic climate, being able to see a positive result regardless if the market RISES or FALLS, has been proven to be the leading reason why index trading is one of the fastest growing online trading methods worldwide.

To view the most recent trading results or learn more about index trading, contact Markets And You on toll-free number +61 07 3088 2829 from within Australia, or CLICK HERE to make an enquiry.


  • What a great service. I have been a member for 9 months. Started account with $3000 and have made well over $50,000 since. I am a very happy member.
    Give it a go, I did and highly recommend it too you.

    T. Church, Sydney, Australia
  • Good trading nice to know someone is doing their homework

    Stacey, NSW, Australia
  • Thanks for all the support, I find it really useful, you're doing a great job.

    Ali, Victoria, Australia
  • If my wife is happy so am I. Thanks

    R.Marino, Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • Hi guys, terrific effort for Nov. We all know that losses are inevitable at times, no one is infallible, but it is all about minimising risk as best as possible. So keep up the good work!

    G.Stats, Gold Coast, Australia
  • I am a very successful member of Markets And You. Been a member for 3 years and I am very happy. They have taught me everything to do with Index Trading, how to trade, when to trade, how long for. The education and customer care is really good. I have been travelling and use the trader while on the go. Great trades again last night. 3 from 3.

    Hayden Bishop, New Zealand
  • I would recommend this to anyone.

    Adam, Sydney, Australia
  • I really had my reservations about this system as I have always looked at trading as too complicated and only for professionals. Obviously I was wrong. This is easy and anyone can do it. I am 57

    Joseph, ACT, Australia
  • Keep up the good work, thumbs UP

    Derek, NSW, Australia
  • A big thank you from me, for teaching me, about trading and how to make it work for me. I can call myself a trader. A very happy Trader.

    Norm, Wagga, Australia
  • Markets And You - thankyou for your help. Really enjoy learning Index Trading.

    Phil & Sandra, Oxenford, Australia
  • I have been a member for 2 years and have made good genuine returns. The new push app is a delight. Took me a bit to get it sorted but has made trading really easy.

    Billy, Perth, WA
  • Live Demo with Hayden was very useful. We couldnt of gained the confidence to become members without the insight look behind the scenes. We have been members for only 3 months going on 4 and we are kicking butt. 5 from 5 friday night. We have $15,349 in our account and growing rapidly. Made $1800 friday night. Great work MAY.

    Kerry & Katie, Toorak
  • Awesome service, awesome people, awesome results. Love your work team.

    Beau, Coolum Beach, QLD
  • Markets And You you guys are great. Thankyou

    Kevin Bell, Parramatta, Sydney
  • I have found your Services to be outstanding. The ease and speed which I have entered into the Index arena ... is a real credit to the quality of service you provide your clients.
    Probably like most of your clients I print out the first few pages & scribble down fills as the trade specialist sends them ... long may it continue, it's certainly got some awesome results behind it, and has certainly added another string to my trading bow.

    Curtis M, Albury, NSW Australia.
  • I began using Markets And You in 2012 and found it to be a very convenient way of trading Indices.. Trading Indices is a great way to "turbo charge" your investments.

    Stevie Marsh, Labrador QLD
  • MAY helped me manage and understand the trading procedure with clear and simple education, so you know how much of your capital is at risk. Like any investment, the best performance is achieved over time and the same goes here.

    Carol Eagby, Seymour VIC
  • MAY has provided great returns over the past years and has begun 2015 with an unbelievable result. Keep up the great work team and let's hope 2016 continues at this rate.

    Jenny C, Townsville, QLD Australia.
  • I finally have that little extra that I have always wanted and needed...Thank you to everyone at Markets And You!

    Tommy Smith, Deni VIC
  • I do see the garbage online in the dodgy forums and just wanted to say whoever reads this, have a Live demo and if you are serious about learning to trade then these guys will teach you everything you need to know plus more. I am a very happy member and highly recommemend this to any investor who wants help in the markets.

    Richie Evans, Evans Heads QLD
  • Brilliant Service

    Tim Hayward, Melbourne VIC