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Let us do the hard work for you, when our analysts find a particular market on the move, we will alert you.
  • Trade Indices with The World No.1 Indices alert provider - be informed of Market name, direction, entry & exit times direct to your device.
  • Access award-winning technology that has inspired industry innovations.
  • Live data on every major market, economic calendar, commentary, analysis and more.
  • Receive direct, personal support from your friendly customer service team member.

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Step 01

Apply for a Markets And YOU trading licence.

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Step 02

All research and analysis is done for you by our team of trading professionals who have over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in stock market trading and analytics.
This information is then sent to your device via our app and online trading portal.

Step 03

After trade signals are sent to your mobile or smart phone with all necessary trading details: index name, direction, risk factor, GMT start time and duration of each trade.
You only need to input the amount that you would like to make your potential 80%-95% return on.

Step 04

Compound re-invest your profits and accelerate the growth of your returns.

Simply, Enjoy your Profits!

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What is an Alert?

When our expert team of trade analysts see an opportunity for a particular market that is about to move in a specific direction, we become interested in that market. If we believe the overall condition of the market is deemed safe to trade, we create an Alert: we notify our members via SMS, mobile app, and also via our online Members Trading Portal.

Markets And YOU Index Alert service provides clients with the opportunity to generate real cash profits from Stock Market Indices in 15 different countries around the world. Despite the most recent economic upheaval, Markets And YOU unique trading system allows traders to profit in both directions of the market. Markets And YOU Index Trading Portal has unfolded to be among the safest and most efficient cash-flow generating investment opportunities in today's ever changing market place.

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Our members use this information as a guidance in making a decision to trade. Trading Indices or Binary Options is based on taking a position on the direction of a market and in a specified time. The Markets And YOU trading team shares with its members the direction and the time frame, by posting Live Information directly to the Members Live Trading Platform.

Our members require minimal outlay in comparison to the traditional means of investing on the stock market. We do not place trades on behalf our members, as the education provided by Markets And YOU allows our members the confidence to trade themselves. Index trading also offers exceptional short term returns.

Why become a member of Markets And You?

Markets And You originated in Germany, the leading financial capital of Europe. Our firm is one of the biggest suppliers of trading signals for binary index markets in the world. In today's economic climate, being able to see a positive result regardless if the market RISES or FALLS, has been proven to be the leading reason why index trading is one of the fastest growing online trading methods worldwide.

To view the most recent trading results or learn more about index trading, contact Markets And You on toll-free number +61 07 3088 2829 from within Australia, or CLICK HERE to make an enquiry.