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Services Includes:

  • Relevant market data, news and analysis, all in one place
  • 24-hour market analysis, from our offices around the world
  • Live data on every major market, economic calendar, commentary, analysis and more.
  • News and analysis by market, sector and region
  • Markets And YOU - Live Alert Service

Market Research

Market research is crucial in predicting movements in the currency market and stock indices. Here at Markets And YOU we take market research very seriously, our team goes through vigorous research and hours of market data to help provide you with the most up to date results, reflected in our Alerts - however doing a little market research and coming to your own conclusion on a particular market direction is something we encourage our members to practise. In helping our member's achieve this, we provide a number of different services to accommodate your needs.

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Easy to Use Fully Automatic Trading System

Markets And YOU has advanced automatic systems that can trade for you, useing an intergrated API system from an external brokage the MTP Trading Platfrom can generate real returns with out all the fuss, how ever this is not a managed account system as you still must tell the portal how much, when, and how long you would like to trade for. Giving you complete freedom over your account and money.

For more information on the auto trader system please contact us

or start a live chat with out online trading consultants.

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Economic Calendar

Markets And YOU offers our clients a free economic calendar, this calendar used by traders for the purpose of tracking the occurrence of market-moving events.

Investors will research the date and time of a specific event and pay close attention to the announcement because of the high probability that it will affect the direction of the market. Traders in the foreign exchange market pay close attention to global events by using an economic calendar.

By having the release schedule for each economic indicator, a trader can anticipate when major movements will happen. The most influential events include interest rate decisions, non-farm payroll numbers, and changes in gross domestic product (GDP), Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI).

Read more about Economic Calendars here

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Live newsfeeds

Markets And YOU offers live up-to-date newsfeeds for our clients. Newsfeeds are important to keep up with events that can influence the currency or stock markets. Our newsfeeds are incorporated from the following providers:


  • Market Watch
  • Reuters
  • ..and more

For more information on newsfeeds please contact us

Why become a member of Markets And You?

Markets And You originated in Germany, the leading financial capital of Europe. Our firm is one of the biggest suppliers of trading signals for binary index markets in the world. In today's economic climate, being able to see a positive result regardless if the market RISES or FALLS, has been proven to be the leading reason why index trading is one of the fastest growing online trading methods worldwide.

To view the most recent trading results or learn more about index trading, contact Markets And You on toll-free number +61 07 3088 2829 from within Australia, or CLICK HERE to make an enquiry.